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Mat Rees
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Need a little guidance from the wiser...

I'm building a system from scratch (first time). I've chosen a:

Socket A AMD761 ATX 4DDR 6PCI/ISA ATA100
1.6 XP 1900+
Ge Force 4 64 DDR VO RP
Pyro Firewire Card

I intend to run Premiere 6 or AVID DV Xpress.

Are there any obvious problems here?
What sort of power supply would i need?
What benefits will the geforce give me?
I there a better video card that will improve editing or on screen playback? im not interested in gaming?
Is this overkill?

Oh Im using the soundcard from my old system - i havent forgotten about it!

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1. I would go for a 350w-400w PSU depending on what PCI cards, drives, fans etc you are going to include. This gives a comfortable overhead for future expansion. 300w is the the lowest you should go.

2. Is the graphics card a Geforce 4 or a GF 4 MX? The former brand new, is about £300 and is the fastest games card. The latter is also new and is a cut down version. As you are not interested in gaming then stay away from nVidia (Geforce) cards. Their RAMDAC chip has always been behind those of Matrox and ATI, this results in a lower quality output.

I would go for a Matrox G550 card or possibly a ATI Radeon 7500/8500. They are cheaper as well has having a better quality output.

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I have just built a system for a friend

Gigayte GA7 DXR MOBO
1.4MHz Athlon
Pyro SE

Some pointers:-
Buy the SE version of the Pyro as this has a cut down version of Premier supplied with it.

The Gigabyte MOBO has good quality sound onboard

It has raid/extra IDE ports onboard

Go for a very fast processor.

I have just done some tests and found that compared to a 1.4 Athlon my Athlon 2000XP renders 60 percent faster.

Captured files via Pyro, which coexists very happily with the Storm card