Buyers Guide. Time to update?

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Computer Video should either continually update its prizes on equipment, or just get rid of it! Especially when it concerns PC's, the prizes are very often misleading.
In CV's Buyers Guide, Avid Xpress DV costs
This is completely wrong! Today you can get a top-notch Avid/Dell(P4 1,4GHz) under £3500.
Avid Xpress DV is not RT, but it is perhaps the most reliable system YOU can buy. I have just edited two weddings, and I did not have one crash!!
I can strongly recommend it. That is more that I can say on my last system, Matrox RT2000. It made a terrible blow to my belief in everything concerning pc's and Windows.

Chris H
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I agree, the buyer's guide takes up too much space. I've only ever looked at it a couple of times in two years of buying CV.

Also, while I'm here, please ask James Morris to at least change a few words from his reviews in PC Pro. I get a definate case of Deja Vu if I read PC Pro then CV

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I vote CV get rid of this section of the mag alltogether. It only really gives you the product and the price (the latter been way off) and bugger all else in the way of imfomation ,what a waist of space.

Ned Cordery
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I know we have been here before but at a cover price of £3.65 repetitive and doubtful information should be OUT. I know the magazine is of limited circulation and I have heard the arguments that casual readers may be interested but the advertisers do a pretty good job of providing information.

ned Cordery
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It needs to be right with more information or it needs to go!

I agree with many of the previous points and cannot see how it can be useful when there is too much incorrect info and completely out of date info.

Tell me, how do you know if something is right for you when all you know is what it is called and how much it costs. (Assuming it is correct anyway)



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Evil uncle Bob has given me the task of solving the buyer's guide problem, once and for all - so I'm determined to do so! I would, however, appreciate some thoughts on what purpose the buyer's guide should serve. 'Seven pages' is the only rule I have to follow, so some fairly big changes can be made. One possibilty would be to have a number of 'choice' products in each section, and an example of what deals can be got where for each of them.
If there are any suggestions, please let me know...
Hugo Frazer (sub-editor, computer video)

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How about having a detailed different section each month.

For example a detailed section on capture cards giving the review + / - points that you have already carried out and a brief description of what the cards are capable of.

Another option is to have user feedback on different products. Put up a post saying what will be covered and allow us guys to give fair feedback on our experience of everyday use of these products.

I for one would value the opinion of unbiased readers who use these things every day.

Last but certainly not least, allow us guys to give feedback on AV / computer suppliers that we have used. With the vast hoards of users it would soon establish a pattern of trustworthy dealers that we could have a bit more confidence in dealing with.

glad to see that you're listening and doing something about the weak point of the otherwise great mag.



Gareth Horne
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How about doing an "A list" type of page like PC Pro does. Instead of trying to list all the possible products and keep it up to date (almost impossible) just provide information on what you consider to be the best in each category at that present time.

For example, best firewire card/bundle up to £100, £500, and £1000. The info could be culled from the recent CV good value/recommended product reviews to make it easy to keep up to date, and you could also include an "also consider/runner up" if you want to give people a bit more choice.

Since it is mainly aimed at beginners/new starters then I would think categories worth including could be

DV camcorder (budget/intermediate/high end)
Capture card
NLE software
Turnkey systems

I would think good, in depth up to date recommendations are much more use than attempting to briefly listing every option.

Just a thought,


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Would it be practical to move the buyers guide to its own area of this forum? Keep the "A List" idea in the mag. It could have 2 benefits; 1 - more editorial space in the mag, although I believe Bob and co have enough problems trying to find the hours to compile the current size of mag. 2 - It will make more people aware of this forum. Must be a good idea !!

Regards Keith

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Some interesting ideas... thanks. We would like to have a user feedback aspect to the guide, but we'll have to investigate whether this is possible. Please keep the suggestions coming, but remember that the buyer's guide will take up seven pages...