Can anyone help with the following?....

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Andy Edmiston
Joined: Oct 14 1999

I'm trying to buy an external IDE drive enclosure for my notebook. I know that there are some available but I need some manufacturers' names so that I can begin searching the Internet for the best price.

Do anyone know of any?

Joined: Apr 8 1999

The external boxes I have seen at computerfairs work by using the parrallel port on your PC.

This might be because there are no standard external IDE connectors and cables.

This brings 2 problems

1) Speed reduced because the parrallel port will not be fast enough.

2) Some chipsets can not cope with these boxes, (do a search on parrallel port ide box drivers (or something like that) and you
might find the FAQ that tells you what to check on your motherboard (it is a chip mark winbond, some verions do work some don't).

Prices at computer fairs are typically £35 to £40 pounds.