Can fan lights damage a hard drive?

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Luis Ortega
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Can a modded case with lights cause a power glitch to a hard drive that winds up ruining the drive? Has anyone else suffered this problem?
I got a case with clear sides with lighted columns on the front and several fans with little lights on them inside about 5 months ago. I noticed that sometimes the little lights on the fans flickered or didn't work.
I have a C drive and a CD drive on the primary controller and 2 extra drives for video on the secondary controller.
About a month after I started using the new case with lights, I started hearing a screeching sound at startup sometimes and the computer couldn't find one or both of the drives on the secondary controller. At first it was intermittent, but the computer started reporting at bootup that the drive had a bad status based on something called S.M.A.R.T. monitoring. Eventually it wouldn't recognize the drive at all.
I replaced it with a SATA drive and put that on one of the SATA controllers on the mobo. I also replaced the power supply and took out some of the lit fans and disabled the column lights on the case.
The problem went away and the remaining drive on the secondary controller kept working OK.
Now the same thing is happening again. I noticed that the fan with lights was acting up and the lights were sometimes not working or flickering, and the drive on the secondary controller has screeched a few times at startup and a couple of times the S.M.A.R.T. monitoring has reported a bad status on the drive and advised a backup and replacement. The drive still works.
I find it unusual that I should suddenly have these problem on two drives after getting one of these lighted cases.
Is it possible for a case with poor implementation of these lighted columns and fans to cause some sort of power glitch at startup that could harm a hard drive?
Or are the two events coincidental and the drives are the ones which have gone bad on their own?
Could the secondary controller on the mobo be at fault?
So far the problem has only involved a couple of 40 gig maxtor drives that were on the secondary controller and none of the other drives.
Has anyone had a similar problem?
Thanks a lot for any advice.
I have win xp as the operating system.

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personal opinion :

1. does the lighted case improve your editing ? no
2. does it make the machine run faster ? no
3. it looks like it makes it unstable.

I cannot see any good reason to use a lighted case , unless you want to show off a pc at a demo/gaming convention. (appologies to anyone at hexus , but we are talking video editing here)

the money you spent on the lights etc would have been better spent on a good case with a great powersupply.

what level of powersupply is in this case ?

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Luis Ortega
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It has a 650 watt quiet power supply. I did change the power supply the first time it happened too.
I agree that the lighted case is a waste of time, and now I have removed all fans and lights from it anyway and inserted a few normal case fans. I did get it in part because it was inexpensive and had many internal hard drive bays. It's not one of those expensive gamer cases, just some chinese made case with light columns and a few fans with little lights. I must say that I don't mind the clear sides as it allows me to check on the buildup of dust without having to open the case.