Cannot delete.

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John Disdle
Joined: Dec 28 2000

I recently found I am unable to move, copy or delete my drive image files produced with Power Quest. I can move and delete any other files on the drive.
I have defragged and file checked the drive, and all seems well. The drive is in a caddy. The file is about 2Gig in size.

The message I get is--- “Cannot delete” file name “access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use.”

It isn`t, and there is 38Gig free space….any ideas please.

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theres a neat program called forcedelete , i'm sure i have posted a link for it before.

if i find it , i'll add to this

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John Disdle
Joined: Dec 28 2000

Thanks Gary.

Force Delete didn't work, but Unlocker does. That's another very useful and free program.

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Thanks John and Gary, Unlocker worked for me aswell


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