Canon XH-A1 and Final Cut Pro 5

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I own a Macbook Pro with Final CUt studio 1 loaded up. I've purchased a Canon XH-A1 and it's being delivered early next week. How well will these three work with one another. What will I need to change settings wise. Do I need to upgrade anything or change anything to provide a HD workflow? I would be looking at editing in HD and then downconverting to SD. Whats the best way to connect the cam to the laptop? I just want to be prepared so that i'm not worrying to much when I should be enjoying my new cam.



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I can answer your last question. Connection between the XH-A1 and any computer is via Firewire. HDV has the same bit-rate (25 Mbps) as DV, and your computer should capture HDV just the same as DV. Whether you then have to (or chose to) transcode to a less-compressed format depends on your NLE and how much horse-power vs disc space you have available.

Lots of peope report good success with the most recent version (6.0.x?) of Final Cut Pro on suffieciently powerful machines. I don't recall seeing mention of Final Cut Studio, though.

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