Capture Aborts under Win2000

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Arnold Davis
Joined: May 26 2001

I have a put together a 1.2GHz Athlon-based computer with 256MB memory. When I run AV under Win98 (2nd ed) most things work as advertised. However, when I run under Windows 2000, all Captures stop after about 1 sec.

I want to run under Win2K (ironically) to overcome the Capture limits under Win98, so I'd like to get past this.

Though I have currently set up my box to run dual boot, I have tested (and reproduced) the problem after clean installs of both Win98 and Win2K (that is, without multiple operating systems).

I am currently running the beta version (Build 1.5.0207 A) of the software. However, I observe the same behavior in Build 0206 B.

I use the Dazzle products strictly to transform analog VHS tapes into MPEG clips, and would describe myself as a novice with this DV stuff.

Some other info about my system:

2 80GB IDE drives on one IDE channel, one drive for system files, the other for capture.

FIC AZ11E motherboard.

Creative SoundBlaster Live! (MP3+5.1) sound card.

ATI RAGE XPERT 128 video card with 16MB.

Creative PC-DVD 12x Ovation CDROM (running by itself on second IDE channel).

Any thoughts or help?

Many thanks

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- First of all, make sure you have Service Pack 1 installed for Windows 2000.
- Have you tried installing the card into different slots? Check in the Device Manager that that it is not sharing an IRQ.
- Did you have to install any DMA drivers for the hard drives? You may need to install such DMA drivers from the manufacturer of the hard drive.

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Arnold Davis
Joined: May 26 2001

The minute I saw your reply, I said to myself, "Of course!"--I had uninstalled and reinstalled Win2K so many times, I had overlooked applying the SP the last time. Installed Service Pack 2 and everything now works fine.

Thanks for your help.