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Philip Ng
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Under "multi file capture" in FF(1.6)

When I select the smart size, FF always capture to about 1GB size.

In the help topic, it was mention that under FAT32, the size limts is 2GB for .AVI and 4GB for .DIF,.

How can I achieve this?

After I choose a .AVI project, under file size FF set the figure as 1024, Whatever fiqure I chnage, FF always reset it back to 1024.

What is the maximum file size that any of you
had successful import into Premiere 6.0 (.dif) and Ulead Media Pro (.AVI)

Has any one succesfully import .AVI generated by FF into Premiere 6.0 for editing.

Regards and Thanks

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It may be that Smart Size selects a file size around 1 gig as a relatively safe default. To use a manually set size you have to ckeck the appropriate box. If you check Smart Size you probably cannot manually set it to a specific size.

Wonder if it is covered in the documentation for 1.6?

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I allways use 1024, but physically all my files are more light (about of 900MB).
Under Win 98x I advise files greater of 1024MB, because then some problems with file-copying may to occur (nevermind is *.AVI)