Capture from a Panasonic nv-ds11 ?

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I got a new computer with firewire connection but the DV-11 digital camera has no firewire connection. I got Pinnacle studio 7 installed with the computer but it seems to be unable to capture without firewire. Somebody suggested that Dazzle had a package i could use. Can anybody confrim what I need ? P.s. I am an absolute beginner

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If you camcorder has only analog output jacks (e.g., s-video and composite) you will need a product that provides capture with A/D conversion. Dazzle offers several. This forum supports the Dazzle/FAST AV product that works well. It comes bundled with Adobe Premiere NLE software. IT is a bit hard to find in the USA these days. I really cannot speak to Dazzle's other products, or the competition.