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I have a 800MHz P3 processor and the Dazzle DV.nowAV card. For a few days I could capture from our Canon XL1 fine. Now I can only capture 2 sec. of footage. I tried reinstalling the software, reformated my hard drive and then installed the software(1.5), then I downloaded the 1.6 Version. I have the same problem still and it is driving me crazy because it was working for a while. Please help me.



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I hope I can be of some help having just gone through this exercise myself.

Here is what you might try. Watch the order in which you do it.

1. Uninstall FAST.forward software.
2. Uninstall Premiere 6 software making sure to delete anything related to it.
3. Turn off computer.
4. Disconnect connection to hardware on back of computer.
5. Pull the card from slot and and put it back in.
6. Reconnect connection to hardware card.
7. Start up computer
8. Install Premiere 6 software.
9. Install Premiere 6.1 patch.
10. Install FAST.forward software.
11. Install FAST.forward service pack. Get this from Dazzle web site downloads. CD that came with kit won't work according to Dazzle.
12. Turn computer off.
13. Hook up your camera with Firewire and turn camera on.
14. Turn on the computer. I was told to turn camera on before turning on camera. I asked why and no one knew. They just said it worked. It did for me. Such is the computer world.
15. Bring up FAST.forward window and continue as instructed.

You should be able to capture to your hearts content and go from there.

If it still does not work. Try turning computer off (not restart). Wait about 30 seconds for it to catch it's breath. You may have to do this a couple of times.

You may even have to reinstall the card again in the order as above. So don't put back on computer until you are sure you have it down pat.
Above all be patient.

Remember to eat desert first. Live is short.

Hope it works and doesn't blow up in your face. I haven't heard of one doing that yet.
Let us know how you made out.

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Shawn says that he has FF 1.6, so I would say do step 10, installing 1.6, and skip step 11, since the SP is for 1.5.

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The moderator deleted my reply but didnt give you an answer. Oh well. Good luck

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I tried the steps you sent, but it still only captures 2 sec. of footage. Is there a setting in Fast Forward that allows you to capture longer?