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I am having no luck trying to make a good looking video disk with my JVC GR-DV-5000U.

I have a 900 mhz duron,384 mb of ram, windows xp pro.

I am using Ulead Studio8 (trial version). I tried Image Mixer that came with the camera, but I got poor results with it. Using Ulead, the SVCD doesn't come out anywhere near vhs quality. The video is blurry.

When I connect the camera directly to the tv the video is awesome. I bought this camera to have fun with editing and making dvds, I am really frustrated that after 10 hours of trying I cant even make a decent svcd. I don't want to try dvd's until I could at least make decent svcds.

I also don't want to try to make dvds until the avi files look good on the computer in full screen mode. They also look blurry and I'm guessing that if they don't look good then the final svcd or dvd will look poor also. Is this correct?

I am thinking that if i could adjust the compression settings in ulead, I might eliminate some of my problems. The video and audio capture property settings
is greyed out under the options button. Is this because I have the trial version? If so i can't justify spending $100 without knowing if I can make high quality video. I tried the highest quality setting on Image Mixer and it made no differance.

I connect to my computer through a pinnacle firewire card. I was considering a capture card, but after reading articles on the net I don't believe this is the problem.

Should I try Microsoft's new compression format, Windows' Media Video? I don't know how to configure Ulead to use this format, it seems to default to AVI.

I'm not afraid of trying anything technical. I had to hack the eprom on my Zenith DVD player to get it to play vcds and svcds. I'm not trying to brag, I just want everyone to know that I have really tried just about everything I can to make good video with no success.

TIA for you help.

PS I'm sorry for the long post but I have so many questions and I really would appreciate your help

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Hiya fyreme.
I've got Ulead 8 (full version), and there can be the occasional problem.
Yes, I think the capture area is greyed out because of the trial version. But I don't think the full version should cost $100 (It's only £30 here in the UK, so try and order from UK sites that ship stuff over,that's if our UK stuff runs on US computers, suck knowledge is beyond lowly me. I'm sure it should only cost about $70 or less.)
Ulead produces some top quality stuff, I'll vouch for that, and there are never any problems capturing from external sources.
WMV, is ok, but all it allows is to compress the files so low, that when you do watch it on a big screen, I have found, that it's quality has degraded some.
It does sound like you need the full version of Ulead to get all the functions, or try Magix Editing software, not as many features, but a little easier to use, although it does tend to split large files at some very wierd points.
To configure WMV on Ulead, is to go to the export settings and just click on the WMV when exporting. For some reason, Ulead likes to reset itself sometimes, after performing the given functions.
I would suggest windows movie maker, but for me it doesn't seem to want to capture anything!!

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