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can anyone tell me how to view video in the capture screen in premiere 6.0 i am using a dv 500. Video captures ok, i must be doing something wrong?

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what video graphics card do you have ?
what version of directx do you have ?

it would appear that you have a video overlay problem.

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Before getting all technical, let's just check if you have the right settings in Premiere.

Click on Project menu, select Project Settings, then select Capture.

Click on the DV Settings button that is over towards the right hand side of the Project Settings window.

This brings up the DV Capture Options Window.

There are two areas to the left of the window and it's the bottom one that concerns you. It's headed, "During Capture..."

It has two tickboxes:

* Preview video on desktop

* Preview audio on desktop

and both should be ticked.

If that doesn't solve the problem, let's talk about graphic cards.

Oh, and I am moving this thread to the appropriate forum, "Desktop Video - General"

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