Cheapest camera with AV-in?

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I have an analogue video signal which I need to convert to DV, but I would also like to be able to record a the video signal onto tape at the same time as capturing it live: you never know when you capture is just going to stop for whatever random reason so i'd like to make a back up on tape of the live video.

Initially I thought of hooking up a DV deck and an analogue to digital converter in parrallel on the video signal (but this is really slip shod) and then it occured to me that a cheapo DV camera would be the cheapest option to do this:

So can anyone tell me which is the cheapest DV camera (pal) in the UK that has AV-in enabled? Would this really be the best way to convert from AV-DV and create a backup? Any clever DTE drives out there that accept an analogue video signal?


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You may find that those DV cameras with a DV in capability do not all have the direct 'pass through' feature to allow analogue signals to be encoded diredt to firewire. And those that do may not allow simultaneous recording to tape.