Christmas 2002

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All the best for 2002 and a plea for later this year!

Can you please not devote the December 2002 issue to a single topic?

Whilst I also think that DVD is the way to go, almost a whole issue on a single subject as in December 2001 was to much. I am presently not interested in recording DVD due to the volume of different systems and compatibility issue. Single topic issues are OK, but not in December where we need a good mix and variety since it is a long haul to the January issue.

The result is that half of the December 2001 mag has not been read and with the usual late publication of the January issue it means that there is a long gap in my monthly fix of CV, my nerves cannot stand it.


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Sometimes, there's absolutely no choice.

The best example of that was the August issue which was the first one which was devoted to DVD-R and was, genuinely, a DVD-R special.

Why was there no choice?

Well, lower cost DVD-R simply wasn't available - though people had been gagging for it for MANY months - and then, BANG, there was a huge amount of kit all available at the same time.

It would have been madness not to do what we did and try to include as much DVD-R stuff as possible - simply because so many people want to read about it and because it would have been virtually impossible deciding what to include and what to leave for another month.

December's issue was much the same - BANG, the DVD-R hardware became available (and, in truth, we'd been chasing to get hold of some it - actually the HP burner - for months); and so, too, did the low-cost DV authoring stuff from Pinnacle and Ulead, and the Roxio software (which, again, we'd been waiting for for months).

The one comment I would make, too, is that though you might not be interested in DVD (though, for the life of me I can't think why you wouldn't be), there is always the lower cost option of SVCD and MiniDV - discs for which are burned on conventional CD-R burners.

Bob C