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The first time I encountered clipping was when I burned my first film onto my first dvd - and it wasn't pretty. How does everyone else beat this?

Let me explain a bit: it only clips when rendered to AVI or Mpeg on the dvd. Is there a particular way to fix it? At the moment, I have to tediously find the bits that crackle by watching the AVIs, then adjusting gain and volume of little bits of little audio clips until they are right... This takes ages.

I am using Premiere Pro and have no way of monitoring audio when recording.


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Audio levels should peak around -12dB before encoding for DVD.

I find it quickest to just slap a -9dB adjustment on ALL my captured audio. From there, I make further adjustments if/where necessary.

If your audio peaks at 0dB, you will continually be clipping (crackling).

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I also found that I needed to reduce the audio level on DVDs otherwise it was just too loud with clients' normal TV volume settings. I now normalize the entire audio to 80% but don't understand why this is necessary with DVD but it's okay on VHS.

Can you give any more background please?



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I've been following this a sa frien has had problems with a DVCam tape to procoder and I wondered if his problem was due to clipping.

I've had a problem with a PD150 into a Matrox RTX100, and I recorded a band form the desk on a DSR25 which clipped. The sound guy gave me a level then bumped it up.

I've been told that you shouldn't go above -12Db on a DVCam deck, but I checked my handbook last night and they say that 0Db is top level.