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Can I ask the position as regards commercial postings?

The reason I ask is I am about to start a business selling computer components - the majority of them won't appeal to video guys - but some such as udma-66 cables at £3 delivered may - usual scenario is someone orders a HD at Scan etc - not realising that cheap OEM drives don't come with cables. Then its £xx for a cable and its dearer for the delivery?

The business strategy is to supply items that are hard to source or difficult to get at the right price - the udma cable for instance - I defy anyone to get them anywhere else for £3 delivered

But I hate spammers and wouldn't post often - just the odd "cables and bits cheaply"..

And only then if its acceptable. Would be nice to hang around to give advice etc.. (As a Video guy I ain't the best - but as a computer guy erm.. I ain't the worst ..

So people acceptable or not? (Esp Bob & Peter ??)

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I think if you paid for an advert in their mag you might get some sympathy and then maybe included on their links pages.

To be honest if you offer good value quality and service you will not need to advertise as others will do it for you.

The more sneaky way to do it is to start a few email accounts with hotmail and the like, create several users on the board then occasionally get one of you users to post a thread saying "where can I get good cheap cables" then as another user say "buy you cables from ***** I do and they are the Badgers Nadgers".

But ofcourse that is not cricket.

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quote:Originally posted by Dave:
But ofcourse that is not cricket.[/B]

Of course not - hence my initial enquiry

But the advert idea is taken - I would of course try to spend some money with the mag..

And as you say good service and good pricing does help get you recommended to others - but it needs to be advertyised to get a few customers to recommend you to their friends first - chicken and egg scenario

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I've got no problem with the sort of self-promotion you mentioned, whether or not you advertise in the mag.

One caveat, though.

As a general rule, I'd like such postings to be resticted to the Classified forum or (on the few times where it might be the case) as replies to messages where such a reply is genuinely relevant.

However, if I think you are going over the top, I'll let you know!


Bob C