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I'm sure I can't be the only one, but I find it quite annoying that the page that has CV's competition entry form on is the other side of a review, so in cutting out the form, you ruin the review. I like to keep back copies, and I like to (despite the futility) enter the competitions for stuff I'd like, but can't you put the entry form on the other side of an advert?

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There is no need to chop the mag or change the layout. Bob clearly states that you can photocopy the page, write your entry on a postcard or sealed envelope. Or you could even scan and print it out.

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i must admit that I've now resorted to having all of the survey info and my return address on a label template, with the competition one on another.
I just print both out, stick "A" or whatever where it says answer, and insert the relevant competition details.

I then stick them to a plain postcard. You could do this straight to double sided card if you felt like it.

I never bloody win anything anyway!!!