Computer Spec - which card for video encoding for DVD

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Hello all,

I found this forum and wondered if anybody could offer some advice about my computer spec below and the best possible card, to achieve if possible what I want.(convert VHS tape to DVD)(£500.00 budget)

Windows 98 se
Motherboard k7t turbo - raid - kt133a chip set-Ms6330 v3.0(not configured to raid - not sure how to do it, is this important?)
256 133sdram
S3 trio 3D agp
Sound Blaster audio pci128
60gb/40gb 7200rpm - hard drives

cheers tom

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Have a look at Pinnacle's studio deluxe. This is well under your budget and will alow you to get a better graphic card (Matrox G550 or similar).

Also does you budget include the cost of a dvd writer? If not they start from about £300.

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i can help u to setup the RAID
the raid is very good... its almost like puttin a turbo on a car..u see the performance difference.

First u will need to have 2 identical HDD, then conect them to the raid channel on the motherboard.. 1 cable per hdd.. then turn on the PC when it go through the M/B BIOS then u will see the raid bios next..entre it and then follow on screen instruction

i recommend u set it to strippin.. this means eg u have 2 * 20 Gig HDD its put the together and show 40 Gig and the performance is great for editing and games