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I would welcome advise on the correct connections . I have two hard drives,a dvd rom drive and a dvd/cd r: rw: drive.
Should I have the hard drives set up as master and slave on primary connection and the dvd rom and dvd rewriter on the secondary connection as master and slave?.
would that be my best settup for video editing?.

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It's always best keep the main harddrive on its own IDE channel (i.e. primary) and not shared. Having another drive (of any kind) shared with the primary master can slow the performance. This is because the ATA drives will reduce to the slowest drive on the channel.

I.e. if you have on channel 1, a ATA-100 HDD and an ATA-33 CD-ROM, the fastest throughput would be ATA-33.

But, because you have 4 drives in total, you may well have to do as you said - both HDDs on primary channel, and the 2 CD drives on the secondary.

Some may debate the reliability of burning DVDs with another device on the "chain". I have only ever seen problems years ago. These days, I haven't seen any problems.

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boot drive (m) and cd re-writer (s) on channel 1
video drive (m) and dvd-rom (s) on channel 2

video can then be captured to ide2 without any slow down
files can be copied from channel2 to channel1 cdrw again without any noticable speed drop.

how do i know ...... thats how 2 of my work machines are set up.

as far as i can tell the channels only drop to slowest speed if both devices are in use at same time, and even then it isn't always noticable.

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