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With Avid taking over Pinnacle, Intervideo taking over Ulead, Adobe taking over Macromedia, where's the smart money going for what to buy as a video editing package? Do we stick with the upgrades or branch out anew? And is it different from different levels of package?


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i'm staying with the company i am with at the moment.
if i move to anything new it will have to be from a company i believe can survive on their own , both software and hardware ...... and their aren't many left.
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"Where's the smart money going?"
"both hardware and software....."

A few days ago I visited the post-production suites of a regional centre for a big ITV broadcaster, to look at what they described as 'the biggest Apple Final Cut Pro broadcasting installation in the country'. All High Def, with central networked storage for all media assets.

So in terms of teaching skills for future employment within the industry, as well as Avid experience it is becoming more and more essential to be Apple-skilled.

By closely working with a few small independant hardware-supply companies Apple provides the ultimate integration between hardware and software over a broader range of video production solutions than any of the opposition.

Their low and mid-range offerings are extremely effective for hobbyists or small production companies, as well as the big boys.

I made my choice (Apple) at a time when there were no other alternative, short of Silicon Graphics $100K stuff. Whilst the Microsoft alternative to QuickTime was Video for Windows there really wasn't any other choice IMHO

Canopus gained market advantage by being first-to-market with tightly integrated video edit software/hardware systems, which work very well - as Gary describes.

Now Microsoft has moved on to the Windows Media architecture it would make sense to go with only edit solutions firmly committed to incorporating any/all advancements of this - as Adobe and Sony are as I understand it.

Because of this I think Adobe with Premiere Pro is 'on its bike' but not there yet, as WMA makes great demands on the hardware it runs on - and the same seems to apply to Sony, with Vegas. But both companies are beginning to integrate their software with highly cost-effective hardware originally designed to work with Apple Macs and Final Cut Pro, so their user base can only grow, I would suppose.

Ulead has found a market niche in terms of prosumer DVD authoring software, but has remained a consumer player in the video editing field I guess.

Unfortunately whatever Avid do with Pinnacle, I suspect judging on past experience that the outcome will be 'proprietary' edit systems which are intentionally features-disabled at the lower levels - to make an upgrade to much more expensive systems the only route to getting an acceptable edit suite in production.