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I have a friend who is a great Indian cook and blogger, I've been working to add a video element to her Blog recently, and I'm after a little advice on the results. This is a short piece aimed at introducing her to a new reader....

Brief was: Quick, pacy, exciting focus on personality and a bit of advice... trying not to be toooo cheesy ;-)

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loved it, liked the music aswell. fit well with the pace of the shots and cuts.

what kit were you using to film/light it etc

good stuff

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Like you I'm using the FX1 - audio from sennheiser ew112 wireless lavs - lighting was a couple of 200w PB microbeams, bounced off ceiling and walls generally. Post done in MB looks for spot focus, warm and cool looks. It's my first crack at something like this, and we're hoping to do more full instructional vids soon ( like 5 minutes "here you can cook this!" kinda stuff..... ) so there was certainly a lot to be learned...

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NIce - Love the end graphic too. Anyone for a curry?

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agreed, nicely done

wanted that opening shot of her speaking, flush on the right, continued on the right for the 2nd bit. C'est la vie


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Great, better than many of the TV cookery shows.

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Very well done! I have nothing negative to say. You made me hungry and made me want to watch the show!

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I have a complaint.

It's made me hungry, and I have just ordered an indian takeaway which has cost me an arm and a leg.

I just hope it's as nice as what I just saw, otherwise I will want my money back:p

It's excellent, well shot and nicely edited, upbeat, informative, and to the point, I echo edjer's comments.

Now I'm going, seriously, awaiting my indian:)


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Haha! It's done its job then ;-)

Thanks for the feedback all!

Fuddam - yep totally aggree, in fact that is the one thing I also picked up as a slight crit when watching it a few times - next time I would probably leave it in one position throughout ( maybe with a second cam for a roving angle ) - if I would switch position I'd proabably edit the movement in which should hold the continuity better for the viewer. thanks!...

Flame1 - sorry, unfortunatley I can't be held financially responsible as a result of this video ;-) hehe

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Nice work and just the sort of programming needed for IPTV.