Creating DVD from Encore (P.P5.5)

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I've been creating review discs in Encore which I am finding very helpful to sit back, relax, and fine tune my edit after watching on a big screen. 
AFter making several important changes, I believe I have one more review in me before I finish up on my project, so I'd like to create the best DVD possible for this. So far I have been using the standard settings in Encore and the discs are coming out... in not brilliant quality and a little rough around the edges. 
The project is SD.
I'm using, MPEG2, 720 x 576, 25fps, lower field first, maximum audio / video bitrate 8mbs. 
Is there anythign I can do at this level to improve on the quality?
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Re: Creating DVD from Encore (P.P5.5)
The settings you describe will give top-rate DVDs.  If the disc is going to hold under an hour of film there's little point in doing two-pass encodes, it'll revert to a CBR of 8mbps anyway.
You will probably use AC3 for the audio and although this is compressed from the original wav file, it's good to use it as it gives the DVD player an easier time.
If you could expand a bit on your ' not brilliant quality and a little rough around the edges.' comment it might help.  It suggests something's amiss, and I can't see what it is from the settings you give.  DVDs made at these settings should be nearly indistinguishable from the original SD files - though if you're making DVDs from a hi-def timeline then they will indeed look a little rough around the edges.