CS^ Notice. Analyzing - MENU?

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In CS6 - have stabilzsed  frames. They're fine.

Placed title and transition over that and - Notice -

"Click Analyse. New frames need analysing".

WHERE IS Analyse in drop-down menus?.

Adobe "Help" has information for Warp Stabilyzer but not menu.


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Re: CS^ Notice. Analyzing - MENU?

Premiere's telling you to reanalyse since it sees something has changed....

What happens if you nest the stabilised sequence and then put the titles and transition over the nested sequence? You may fool Premiere into not reanalysing the frames.


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Re: CS6 Notice. Analyzing - MENU?

Will try that , Thank you.

It appears that, if Warp Stabilizer is used it does not like to have a transition on that clip - or previous clip - too.

When the timeline is played it plays in jerks. Sometimes it plays a clip which remains on screen while the cursor progresses along the timeline.

Actually, when some trasitions are used the timeline plays in jerks and it CAN require the computer to be shut down and booted up again,.

This prevents the use of some transitions (e.g. Page turn).

Another time, if the cursor is moved back and the timeline played again - all is fine.