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Jim Blacklock
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I'm just finishing a project on CS5 which has lots of voice overs on one audio time line and different pieces of music on another audio time line. Is there a way to set all voice overs and music to the same volume level ?

Gavin Gration
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Use the 'A' key to select all on the audio track you want to control.

You can then normalise the audio for all clips on that track to any level you want.

I'm replying via phone so don't have Premiere in front of me. There are a couple of other methods - you could set one piece and getthe level right - then use the 'A' key to select all clips on that track (to the right) and paste the attributes.

There are probably a few other methods but these are quick.

Mark M
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Here's a tutorial from Andrew Devis which will help if you have CS5.5

Jim, I realise that may not be useful for you, but I've referenced it for others who may be coming along later with a similar issue.

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the thing to remember is that highlighting clips, and then right clicking to get the audio gain menu gives two options - max peaks and all peaks. Using max peaks, the gain is brought up until audio somewhere on any of the clips meets the max level you set - i.e. the ratio remains the same between them, while all peaks brings each clip separately up to the level.

The snag with this is that you'll probably have to still match each one with a crossfade as the change in background noise levels will be quite obvious, if the level suddenly goes up because it was recorded very low. You might get better results normalising just a little based on if a few or lots are low - and then sticking a compressor on to reduce the dynamic range a bit?