CV Film Festival?

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Darren Pollard
Joined: Oct 4 2000

I don't know if this has been mentioned previously but, how about an on-line Computer Video Film Festival?

This could be big!

Stuart B-M
Joined: Apr 6 2001


How about a once a year venue, where we all pay for our tickets, (any profit going to improve the mag take some of the weight off Bob.)

Where clips or short films can be judged beforehand (on the run up to)the festival where we can all see others work?
Doesn,t have to be enormous venue, get some manufacturers and suppliers onboard, show off their wares during the day, films and popcorn in the evening.

Again manufacturers and suppliers, to contribute to cost, helping C.V magazine.

Is this a good idea? that will work or not?

Regards all.

Joined: Aug 15 2000

If this idea ever comes to light can I make a plea for all of us who live North of Watford to get a venue in central UK. London is a pain to get to and a pain when you get there.


A film festival on the web sounds like a waist of time. I agree with a venue as it would be quicker to get there (even London),and back than to download it of the net.

I don't think CV need the money though (going by their advertising rates) and how could you possibly inprove it?

All in all this sounds like a great idea, but sadley it will never happen (think about it)

Stuart B-M
Joined: Apr 6 2001

Dear Morse,

I do agree its unlikely to happen, its probably one of those "yeah good idea" but cannot be bothered.

But it could happen if enough people were intirested?
And thats the rub, is there enough intirest?
And if there was would any of the staff at CV Magazine be prepared to indorse it?

Doesn,t have to start off big...(from small acorns and all that)

Answers on a postcard please....

Regards all.

Joined: Mar 20 2001

Camcorder User magazine have recently ran a short film competition and have expressed a possibility of setting up a website to view some of the entrants. Again, if enough interest is shown it might happen.

As an alternative, what about tagging on to one or more of the annual trade shows, e.g., the IOV have a show each spring at the motorcycle museum, just minutes from the M6 and pretty much central.