Dazzle bought out by Pinnacle

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I wonder where that leaves us DVnowAV uses? If we will still get driver updates? Weather or not the product will support the upcoming premiere 7? Or even edition 5?

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Dazzle/SCM essentially abandon distribution of DV.now AV in the USA a long time ago. We USA users are fully dependent on the European update/patch effort. Pinnacle bought out FAST last year.

Buyouts often tend to kill off duplicative product lines. Consider what AutoDesk did to Generic Cadd, and what Symantec has done with the PCTools and other lines. Also, from what I've seen, Pinnacle has not been noted for rapid response to driver problems.

FF drivers are now a year old, an no Betas for anything have been on the Dazzle/Europe site in a long time. I hear that Premiere 7 is a major rewrite (have not real information thorugh) - all-in-all not good signs for future support of the DV.now line. At least it appears to work fairly well for me in its present state.