Dazzle Holywood DV bridge

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Hi I have a Dazzle Holywood bridge which i would like to use to Conneect a Monitor to my PC ...whenever i connect it to my pc it seems to only play back with large blocky picture and the sound is too fast, on a few occasions it has worked ok, but it does not seem to follow any pattern and ussually it just stops premeire 6.5 from working I have looked at the settings when it works ...then only to find it does not work the next time????? at the same settings

my specs are
P4 3.4 Ghz
Abit max 3
ATI 9800 PRO
Corsair 3700 matched pair XMS 1024 MB
SATA raid x2 320 gig & 240 Gig
all latest drivers
Windows XP pro

Any help much appreciated
If it won't work i will sell it .... Any offers?

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Good luck with it. Not many Hollywood Bridge users in this DV.now AV forum.

On the sound speed issue. Was it a minor speed difference, or a major one? One thing I noted with other S/W on audio. If the sound card speed was not set properly it might have problems at times with playback speed - major problems. This was mainly when my sound card had been set for S/PDIF input of a digital stream and its internal clock was not turned back on for analog I/O.