Dif and Avi Selector box - How I set to default

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I have recently installed Win2000, FastDV.Now and Prem 5.1LE onto a PC at the college I work at.

When students open Fast Forward they are asked the question Dif or Avi. I want them to pick Dif but the selector seems to be on Avi.....so they just click OK. (Stupid or what) I have plastered notices all aroung the pc and the room but they just don't read them.

Can I set Fast Forward to Dif as a default or even better get it to not ask at all.

Thanks in advance


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Hmmm. My opens up with DIF selected automatically. There doesn't appear to be an option to select the file format but you might try selecting a different camera type in the module settings. Mine is set to Panasonic.