digitize audio/video?

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A basic question, how do you select whether you wish to capture audio+video, or video only or audio only? (for direct vo/adr recording etc.)

This is a very basic setting in Avid/Lightworks/and FCP, and I can't believe that Premiere 6/Fast DV/AV I can't have the same choice.

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As far as I can tell, you get video plus 2 or 4 channel audio. But they are all in separate files, so youdo get the nbenefits of separate video and audio that can be edited outside the Premiere envirnment.

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You can change the A/V or V only or A only when you go to 'File>Capture>Movie' and then right click on the Blank Window and you should have Preferences or the above (A/V, etc)

Let me know how this works. (I know it works on 5.1)