Does anyone actually read this part of the forum?

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Not being facetious or anything, but there doesn't seem to be much activity here, which leads me to believe I'm unlikely to get a response to my previous post?!

Ceri Wilkinson

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i do when i notice a new posting , if i can answer it. will now look for your other posting.

Gary MacKenzie ( an account only used for forum messages )

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first time tonight!

Billy Ellwood is on Vimeo at the film club

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Me too!

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Started reading a week ago, possibly/probably moving RT2500 to AMD......

Trevor Page
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It's easy to miss, not being part of the main CV forum, I've been here lot's of times, but today's the first day for a couple of months or more. Just keep forgetting!


Col Dee
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Hell, how could any AMD-based video editing system owner NOT visit this forum?

I couldn't possibly think of a witty signature.

mick sleight
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Am I too late for the party?

I will make a new year resolution to visit regularly - I often need support too - let's make this world a better place

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Could this forum not be moved to the main CV Magazine forum list to be more visible? It's easy to forget it out here on it's own.


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I second all these!

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Hi everyone. I joined these forums about 8months ago and use this one because I have an AMD system. At the time I had a problem trying to get a creative Extigy working on the AMD system. It was fine on my P2 laptop.

I never did get it working as it should, ie when connected just over-ride the existing sound system. In the end I had to disenable the existing sound system which meant that unless I have the Extigy connected to it I have no sound and that is not how I wanted to use it and indeed it goes against what it says it should do.

I am wondering if I never got it resolved because I never took it to the main forums?
where almost everything does eventually get resolved.

Maybe the fact that there is so little activity means that very few people use AMD for video work, my new system will be NOT be AMD as it does seem that they are not the best system???

Has anyone else ever got a Extigy working on an AMD system??

All the best Ron

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How to fix an Extigy in a desktop system...remove and replace with a Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96