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I have a feeling I`m gonna be disappointed, but here goes.
I have a very good recovery program, ( Multistage Recovery) I have been asked to recover photographs from a friends hard drive, the trouble is the drive is not showing up on any computer I connect it to.
Tried it as a slave, master,cable select, etc, no luck.

Any suggestions please?


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first try looking at it with partition magic.
if it doesn't see it , probably too late.
you may need to recover the ''deleted partition'' before you can recover files
undelete partition

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When you've tried everything else and are going to give up - put the drive in a freezer bag and pop it in the freezer for an hour. Take it out and connect as quickly as possible, if it then shows up (50/50 chance) grab as much as you can, as quick as you can.

I've done this this with drives before and had some limited success, if you don't believe the technique, try a google search for "rescue hard drive" and you'll see it does sometimes work. There's a pdf document out there somewhere called "200 ways to rescue a hard drive" - the freezer trick comes up No1.

After all else, on one occasion, I physically dropped the drive 5ft to a carpeted floor, plugged it back in and it showed up - managed to grab the My Docs folder and the Outlook pst files before it died again.

Good luck!

(found a LINK and the PDF)

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I was interested to read Foxvideo's freezing trick.

So I don’t know if this would help.
There is a spray product (CO2) for freezing pipes.

Insulated foam is used to retain the gas. Perhaps you could wrap the H/Drive in foam encapsulated by a freezer bag or something similar - then spray in the Carbon Dioxide. After the freezer to prolong the effect.

I use the full version of - Active File Recovery for Windows v7.1. which seems to pick up every thing. I also have used it on CF cards.

It finds all the available folders, which you can preview, best of all it keeps all the original file names - not renaming them in the recovery process.

The site also has wealth of info on disks.


This also detects deleted and damaged partitions that PM 8 couldn't.