drive letter probelm

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I have come a cross a problem that I don't no how to fix.
on my edit system I'm using some external Maxtor drives for extra space.
for some reason my edit system automatically labels the external drive as g how ever this is not the drive letter. if I plug the drive in to my lap top or other desk top computer the drive letter is what it is meant to be. (I)

I've looked in control panel but carnt find any where that gives an option to turn this off!

I'm running windows xp. when I open the project I have to manually find every clip if I use another drive it tells me the folder is there but there's nothing in it....

thanks for any help

Pete Allen
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Go to control panel/administrative tools/disk management, you can re-allocate your drives letter from there.

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when I swap my drives around between different machines they come up with different letters. i've never tried to change it as I only connect one firewire drive at a time

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thanks for the info.
I new about changing the drive letter with panel/administrative tools/disk management but the problem is the edit system is it forces the drive letter regardless of what it is already labelled as. so when I look on the drive for the files I think are there the folder is there but nothing is in it, then when I put the correct drive in the folder is there and the clips are there but I have to manually tell the computer where each clip is. I'm assuming there must be a buffer somewhere which tells it where things should be and because of that I'm getting the folder but nothing in it.
usually I don't need to plug more than one drive in but because of this problem I'm having to, to find where the clips actually are. also the drive have been ladled and the correct drive letter shows up on all the other computers I've treyd it on its like the edit system temporally calls the drive a different letter.