DV Raptor

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Julian Roberts
Joined: May 5 2001

Second post on this topic - first did not seem to register.

Does anyone please have experience of Oxnard motherboards - on an AMD Athalon. These are supplied with Gateway PCs. Specifically I would like to know whether the board will work reliably with the DV Raptor.

Many thanks


Richard Choroszewski
Joined: Sep 28 1999

Can't be specific on this motherboard, but I have used Raptor for almost 2 years, and have now upgraded to the DV Storm.

Both products from Canopus are good quality.

But most importantly from your perspective, I have read every post on this board that mentioned the Raptor, and by a large margin this card has always come out very well in compatibility and reliability etc. stakes.

So my guess is that unless your intended mobo is way out of line from the conventional you should (probably) be perfectly ok.

My office used to specify Gateway as their PC supplier of choice up to about 2 years ago, and I always found that their machines worked well with everything that we asked of them.

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