DV Raptor Card for sale

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If anyone is interested in purchasing this excellent card, well reviewed in the latest Computer Video, please contact me directly at alan.wood@cwcom.net as a useful saving can be obtained if several are ordered at the same time. You must be able to install the card yourself.

Craig Fisher
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Is it the card without the software. I was looking through the mag and it looked like the cost was 540 without the software and 575 with the software plus VAT. Whats the marketing ploy. Woud not mind if it was 300 pound. It's a worry with the Panasonic thing as well. I have a Panasonic NVDS1.

But despite this I am interested in the card.
Email any details.

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I am at a friend's house and am posting on his system. Reply directly to
The card is dearer than Computer Video's review; look at page 7; rapped knuckles.
If I can get four other persons interested
the card can be yours for £395 plus VAT for the card and Premiere 5.1LE or £495 plus VAT
for the card and full Premiere 5.1 and Boris FX which costs over £300 on its own. In each case carriage (insured) would be £5 extra