DV500 compatiblity

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Oggie Saputra
Joined: Feb 2 2004

I have Athlon 2500+,DFI Lanparty NForce2 Rev B,Gygabyte Radeon 9800pro,Kingston Hyper X 1 Gbyte,2x120 Gbyte Seageate 7200Rpm RAID 0,MEmorex DVD+r/-r,TDK 52x.Is my PC compatible for DV500?Please...Thanks before...

John Disdle
Joined: Dec 28 2000

I expect you have looked at the Pinnacle compatibility m/board list. DFI are not listed, but there are some using the nForce 2 chipset.
I am using an Asus A7N8X D. The only problem I have is finding a suitable GFX card. The DV500 seems to be choosey in this respect, but I would think your 9800 Pro. should be ok.

Hope this helps.