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Lee A Roe
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Hi to all DV500 desperados,
I am posting this message here so that everyone can read it and it saves me from posting to the individuals that seemed to have the same problems (locking up, no capture, dropped frames, Prem 6 issues etc) that I myself was suffering from. Asus A7V KT133a Mobo, Duron 850, 2 x IBM Telesto 46gb drives, SBlive platinum, network card etc.
It may not work for everyone but I sincerely hope it does. It also seems to me that there are a lot of DV500 problems being reported and all the inhabitants of this particular section of the board must be getting a little tired of the same old questions and dilemas, and as no one replied to my previous posting, I went to look for help, inspiration, and technical expertise elsewhere.My DV500 problems are now fixed and it is running like a dream. The information below was passed to me by a very kind and considerate trader whom I must keep anonymous as I do not want to be blamed for an influx of phone calls to their store requesting help, and considering I didn't even buy my card from them, I feel it is the least I can do. Please follow the instructions to the letter and in the described order.

1) Remove SBlive card
2) Clean install of Win98se (DO NOT install any drivers at all when requested, click cancel instead)
3) Install latest VIA 4in1 (4.29v currently),all four options boxes must be checked.
4) Re boot and install all required drivers, except DV500.
5) Shut down PC (power off)
6) Replace SBlive card, power up and then install drivers.
7) Install Prem6 or other version, re boot.
8) Install DV500 software and drivers, re boot.
9) If you have a network card installed, then go to and download "shutdown patch for Win98se computers that have network card" ref No 4756us8
10) reboot and that should do it.
Once again I really hope this will sort out the problem on your machine and end your anguish, if not you have my vote of sympathy and I hope you eventually get it sorted.



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I've searched high and low on Microsoft's site for:

"9) If you have a network card installed, then go to and download "shutdown patch for Win98se computers that have network card" ref No 4756us8"

I found something vaguely related, at:

But I suspect you are talking about something subtley different.

Care to give a url pointer to where it lives?


Bob C

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