DVC slashes cost of real-time HDV editing with dual-core Pentium CPU

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Dual-core processors set to massively cut cost of high-powered Windows PCs used for HDV editing.

South-coast-based DVC (Digital Video Computing) is one of the first UK specialist video-editing-system builders to take advantage of Intel's dual-core processor, the Pentium D, offering it in systems as an alternative to using two high-priced Intel Xeon CPUs.

DVC's current best sellers include a system based on Canopus's hardware/software combination Edius NX for HDV. The company says that, using dual-core, it can supply a real-time HDV system centred on NX, with full component output, for £3,000 inc VAT. That's roughly £1,000 less than for DVC's Xeon-based NX system.

The company is also offering HDV dual-core systems built around Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 Pro and Avid Xpress Pro HD, plus a dual-core standard-definition system using Matrox's RTX100 hardware and Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.

Check out the full DVdoctor news story and have your say below about this this money-saving development.

Bob C

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A couple of points to keep in mind:

Intel has abandoned Hyperthreading in future products.

I still like the AMD solution better, if you get a 939 socket mother board today you can upgrade to dual core using the same mother board, currently a lot of folks think the AMD solution is far more elegant and certainly has lower power/cooling requirments