DVDit LE MPEG2 question

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since Sonic MyDVD gave me poor DVD quality results, I went back to try Sonic DVDit! LE 2.5 that came with my DV.nowAV. When I try to import the two files that Premiere creates when exporting a movie in MPEG2 format using LSX MPEG, (.m2v & .mp2) it gives an error on the .mp2 (audio) file. It says that it cannot find a suitable decoder for this file.

These same two files worked in MyDVD. Does anyone know what I have to do to get it to accept these MPEG2 files?



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I use DVDit SE, which accepts the m2v and wav files output from Premiere's MPEG2 coder (AP6.5).
I haven't used MyDVD, but you might try renaming the mp2 audio file to wav and then try importing.

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