DVI-D - HDMI Problems with HP vp6321 Projector

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Hi Hope someone can help

I have a HP vp6321 Projector which has a DVI-D connector, i have used a DVI-D to HDMI adapter and connected it to a upscaling  TEAC DVD player, all works great and the picture quality is quite good. The TEAC is not practical to use so I have bought a Sony DVPSR760 DVD Player with HD Upscaling. when i connect it using the same DVI-D/HDMI lead and adapter the projector recognizes the input but wont display any video not even the DVD menu screen.

Could it be that i need a different adapter or could it be a HDCP issue

This also happens if i plug my chromecast in too 

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Re: DVI-D - HDMI Problems with HP vp6321 Projector

Almost certainly down to HDCP. 

If your projector does not support HDCP then *most* HDMI sources will not work. 

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