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Before I go out and spend the money, does anyone know if I can plug headphones (with an adaptor) into the rca outputs of the breakout box so I can hear audio while I capture video? Aparently you can't use the windows sound system while capturing video or you will have sync problems. They forgot to put that in the dv.now.av advertisement. Thanks.

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Yes, you should monitor audio via the break-out box. You can monitor via the box or the sound card, but with the box you are more likely to get perfect sync. That is why monitoring via the box is recommended.

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A possible issue with the berakout box audio output is that many headphones are low impedance, on the order of 8 to 32 ohms. On the other hand many RCA jack audio outputs are fairly high impedance sources, perhaps 2K to 10k or even higher.

I do not know what the output impedance or audio drive capability of the breakout box audio output is, but it might be an issue. If so, you may need a small (headphone) amplifier between the breakout box and earphones. I have the breakout box audio output conencted to a stereo amplfier and speakers at my edit station.