DVnowAV & DV Bridge

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Am I correct in thinking the DV Bridge connected to an OHCI card, is equivalent functionalitywise to the DV.Now AV?

I want to find the best way to input analog material into the PC, and am unsure which of the above to go for. Anyone got good advice?


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They both capture DV and analogue video, but apart from that they are quite different. The main difference is the software - DV.now AV is bundled with Adobe Premiere and Hollywood DV-Bridge is bundled with MainActor and MGI Videowave.

Both products have advantages over the other, but DV.now AV is seen as the more professional (and more expensive) solution.

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Does anyone know if you can configure the DV Bridge to work with Adobe Premiere?

And also is there a good number of DV.Now AV users out there?