DVNOWAV with premiere or MSP?

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So there's been audio sync probs with dif files and premiere. Do avi files with MSP have the same probs? Anyone?

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FWIW: I find sync problems with P6.0 to be rare in my work.

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I am using DV.now.AV with Premiere 6.02 and have everything working reasonably well. I downloaded the trial version of MSP6.5 and it seems nice too - it has a lot of nice features such as video paint and the ability to edit MPEG2 files. I just don't know if its worth spending more money right now. My question, and I'm hoping to get some discussion, is anyone using MSP6? How do you like it? Has anyone used both? Which do you like better? If I do get MSP6 what will I have to do to get DV.now.AV working with it? Can I use FF with MSP6 and Premiere at the same time? Any info greatly appreciated.