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It is, perhaps, a pity that this review makes no mention of the difficulties that have been experienced by Win2000 users with this piece of software.

Having read of these problems, though not having installed the components reputed to cause the difficulty, I decided to uninstall. (I should have backed up first but didn't! mea maxima culpa) The program would not uninstall and I was left with a machine that would not boot. After much effort I was forced to use an earlier backup.

I am left feeling that this is a rogue piece of software which, like previous versions, was not fully tested before being released.


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This is what I posted 05 May 2001 http://www.dvdoctor.net/cgi-bin/ubb/Forum6/HTML/000285.html

This a newer link http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_1321000/1321050.stm

John Price

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I agree but one of the problems is that it is NOT practical to run everything on every OS, and as the review makes clear, we ran it on 98SE.

I don't think that Peter or I knew or noticed the warning about Win2K in time to do anything about it. If we did, then we both must have completely forgotten it.

For the record, I do have the program installed on my Win 2K machine at home (it went on after the review was published) and had no trouble with it once I found out about the problem and followed Roxio's instructions.

That was, up until Wed, when I fitted a 16x10x40 Plextor Burnproof CD-RW burner and Easy CD Creator managed to create four coasters one after the other!

Stated problems included buffer under-runs, so I'm far from best pleased.

I had no such problems with WinOnCD 3.8.

Trouble is, I've not had time to really find out what's going on - my suspicion, currently is that Plextor's own program may be behind my problem.

Bob C