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Jim Bird
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Is an AMD system the correct type of PC/Workstation to buy for use with EditionDV?

Jim Bird.

Joined: Mar 7 1999

Working here on a 1.1GHz Athlon, but a twin would be even better!

There are some issues with graphics cards - so I'd strongly recommend that you ask Pinnacle what graphics card they recommend.

Here, under XP Home, I'm using a Matrox G450, and I get some corruption of Windows's icons as a result of having Edition installed.

This, Pinnacle tells me, is a Matrox problem!

But, since I didn't have this before I installed Edition, I disagree.

Oh, and Pinnacle says that other cards have this problem, too, so presumably, that's not Pinnacle's fault either.

I'm also not too happy about the fact that, for now, the product has to run on Pinnacle's own FireWire card.

This is supposed to be sorted out soon - next month, hopefully, but in the interim, I can't use my DV camcorder with any other program and I can't connect FireWire hard disks, because the Pinnacle card doesn't behave, currently, as an OHCI-standard card - though it should do after the forthcoming software update.

Bob C

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Do you still have this system? I have an Athlon based system with a G450 and I'm having problems - it's been suggested that the graphics driver might be the culprit. What driver level are you using? And what motherboard?