emergency upgrade

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Mat Rees
Joined: Jul 20 2001

i am just about to buy an athlon 1.3mhz processor an ati radeon 64mb ddr vivo for the purposes of creating broadcast resoltuion animations and viewing them in realtime without any frame drop. can anyone answer these questions?

will this sytem (all 266 [inc, motherboard] and DDR) handle full res in relatime.

How good is the Radeon for video in (i know it's not too good)

IS there anything I am overlooking?

Will this handle realtime boradast res video footage imported from dv via firewire and editied on premiere?

How fast will rendering times (I use 3d max)improve compared to my 450 PIII 26 SDRAM 16mb Hercules graphics card sytem

Any help would be wonderful!