esata blues

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Stephen Carter
Joined: Nov 18 1999

Having had a lot of trouble with fire-wire external drives of one sort or another esata seemed a good way to go.
Bought a WD My Book ES from Overclockers and Akasa lead. Wouldn't work. After a web search found that there were two varieties of esata lead. Same profile but different reach. The WD drive needs a long reach connector and the Akasa lead only fits by circumcising the plastic sheath. Even then it is a bit wobbly and I ended up going to Cable City. Bought an 'Express bus' esata 2 laptop card from CPC but this is disappointingly prone to spring out of the laptop with very little persuasion. Consdered going for the card-bus version from Maplin but that is only Sata 1 and not Sata 2.

Stephen Carter