export to .dif file from 3DS Max or After Effects

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I am having trouble trying to export an animation from 3DS Max, or a composition from After Effects to a FAST .dif file.

With the old AV Master, they use an .avi for their file format, it was easy to export straight to a video file from 3DS Max or After Effects, by simply choosing AV Master MJPEG 32 codec from the .avi codec list. However with the DV Now AV, it uses what appears to be it's own proprietry .dif file format. Not good. This is not recognised by any programs other than Premire and Fast Foward.

Do you know if there is anyway to export compositions made in After Effects or animations made in 3DS Max to a FAST .dif file so I can have full res, frame frame rate video that will play out with the hardware codec under Fast Foward?

Any help would be muchly appreciated.


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Have a look at this topic on the DV.now forum. It answers your questions and it also explains how to use the FAST DV codec with After Effects:

FAST UK Technical Support