Export from Premiere dropping frames

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I'm having huge problems exporting from Premiere 6 back to tape.

I'm using a Panasonic NVDS27 that has been DV-IN enabled.

My PC is a Gigabyt 7TXE+ motherboard, Athlon 2500XP, 1GB RAM, 80GB 7200rpm HD with a D-LINK firewire card. Running XP Pro.

I capture video fine, but when I try to export from Premiere using either the "Print to tape" or "Export to video" options then I end up losing a couple of frames every minute or so. I've tried this with a friends NVDS35 and have the same problem, so don't think it is related to the camera.

I've also tried exporting from MS MOvie Maker 2. I tend not to lost video frames, but the audio still shows gaps.

I've done a complete re-install of WinXP and ahve only got Premiere installed. My DV Control settings in Premiere are set to "Panasonic Generic" and I have all the preview file locations etc set to "same as project".

I am at my wits end. Any advice appreciated. Should I try a different cable? What about the actual firewire card? Is there any way I can change the settings in Premiere to improve the situation?

Many, many thanks in advance.


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andy i am having exactly the same problem.