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I shot a play event last night and had another Sony VX2000 cam there as well, we were both the same distance from the speakers etc but the sound from my on-board mic was pathetic on my XM2 where as the Sony's was next to perfect.

Its this that has gave me the kick up the backside I need to get good audio.

The 3 choices I have picked is the Rode Videomic, Seinheisser MKE 300d or the MA-300 with an external XLR mic, which model I don't know. In your own experience what do you find works best and should I go for the MA-300 adaptor and mkic as this will pay of in the long run.

Some help please as I was really dissapointed with the finished audio.


see http://forums.dvdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=37339 for responses to this question

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I think you are looking a bit on the cheap side - for a camera such as the VX2000 and it's ilk in the £1,500 to £2,000 bracket, the minimum I would recommend is the K6 series, starting with the ME66 short gun head.

This is much better than the MKE 300-D, which is really designed for sub £1,000 consumer camcorders.

Once you are in to the K6 series, it's cheap and easy to add extra heads - eg: the ME64 for voice-overs, etc.

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You would be better to pay the extra for a Beachtek box - the MA300 is very vulnerable stuck up there and any knock would likely damage the camera shoe too. The sticky-out-ear of the microphone mount makes it worse, plus it may fit only the Canon microphone.

The MA300 may well only work with the Canon as it fits an "intelligent" shoe. The Beachtek box is pretty well universal, though they do make camera specific models.