Fast Forward Freeze Problem

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I recently installed the DVnowAV on my Win 2K machine. I didn't have any problems with installation. The three devices all show up properly in the device manager on the same IRQ. The problem is that when I launch Fast Forward, it just sits there and doesn't respond. I get the splash screen which states that it is initializing, and the other windows load in the background. From the task manager it says that the application is "not responding." When I try to end the task, it remains not responsding. Further attempts to end the task say that the os cannot close the application.
The breakout box has the power light and the ready light active. I've got my sony DV cam connected to the firewire port on the card and the analog cables into the breakout box input.

Here's my system configuration:
Dual 733 on an Abit Vp6
512M Ram
40 Gig ATA100 drive
Diamond Viper v550
Maxtor Firewire Card
3Com 10/100 Ethernet Card
SoundBlaster PCI128

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I had a similar problem except the Fast software went into slow mode. The cursor continually blinked and the live video feed was slow and unusable.

I had the ATI Rage Pro PCI video card and even with updated drivers it would not work. I upgraded to a Voodoo 4500 AGP (got off the PCI bus) and the problem went away. The ATI had 8MB video ram and the Voodoo 32MB.

I would try the latest video drivers on that Viper card and if that does not work I would pull the Maxtor card. Another option is to move the video card to the first slot and the Fast card to #2 followed by the maxtor on #3.

W2K stacks PCI cards up on a single IRQ and I've found that by moving the heavy usage cards, like the Fast card and your video card, to the first slots, they get the primary focus of the OS. Sounds crazy but it seems to work.